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C       O       M       P       A       N       Y           L       I       M       I       T       E       D
T.I.N Trading Company Limited was established In 2002 to bring the United Kingdom's 'Heritage Brands' to the Kingdom of Thailand.
'Heritage Brands' are those that have stood the test of time, and each is a leader within its market. These are enormously significant family favourite brands, popular with retailers and caterers the world over for their quality. Some of these brands have been available for at least one century.
'Heritage Brands' are all market leaders, all innovators, all tried and tested and the most cherished consumer brands in the 21st century.
T.I.N Trading Company Limited offers these long-established, powerful and highly developed products to Thailand's food retailers, distributors and caterers. They are all reliable and household names throughout the United Kingdom and indeed in many parts of the world.  
WALKER'S CRISPS the Number One selling potato crisp in the U.K. market and a favourite with all ages.
PAXO STUFFING no roasted dinner would be complete without PAXO Stuffing. A true'Heritage Brand'for well over a century.
BISTO GRAVY taken for granted by housewives and chefs for over two centuries. The unrivalled Number One gravy used by every home and restaurant throughout the U.K.
COLMAN'S MUSTARD the ONLY English mustard!
MARMITE a spread for sandwiches, crumpets, toast and the like. Most Englishmen are weaned on Marmot from birth.
PG TIPS a tea presented in a distinctive pyramid shape and one that makes one of the world's best cups of tea.
ROBERTSON'S JAM no breakfast toast or afternoon snack would be complete without a good helping of Robertson's Jams.
SHARWOOD SAUCES an impressive range of Indian and Asian
Sauces, Pastes and Condiments to assist the ethnic food lover in pre?paring dishes from the sub-continent and S.E. Asia.
BRANSTON PICKLE you haven't tried a real ploughman's lunch until you've had one with this world famous pickle spread.
RIBENA concentrated or ready to consume blackcurrant drinks. An excellent source of vitamin C and a mother's favourite.
TETLEY BITTER the smoothest 'Real Ale"and the only true 'bitter' available in Thailand.
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