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C       O       M       P       A       N       Y           L       I       M       I       T       E       D
Pyramid? tea bags
The revolutionary PG tips pyramid bag gives the tea leaves more room to move, for the most delicious PG tips tea yet. Available in 40s, 80s, 160s and 240s pyramid bags.
Special Blend Tea
The delicate balance and rounded character of PG tips Special Blend tea comes from the finest tips (top two leaves and the bud) of tea plants from Ceylon and Kenya. All you need to do is pop the kettle on and enjoy the robust taste of your extra special cuppa. Available in 80s pyramid bags.
All the delicious PG tips flavour you love, but without the caffeine.
Tea for the traditionalist - add a teaspoon per person (plus one for the pot), and freshly boiled water. Then let the 'tips' infuse for that unmistakeable PG tips flavour. Available in 125g, 250g and 500g caddy packs.
One Cup
Each One Cup bag contains just the right amount of delicious PG tips tea for a single cuppa, so you can be sure none of that refreshing PG tips flavour goes to waste.
For that cuppa on the run, PG tips pure tea granules contain all the refreshing flavour of PG tips tea, freeze-dried.
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