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Walkers Beef & Onion Flavour Crisps
These chips were extremely crisp and had a nice, mild beef-like taste. The onion taste was even milder, but it did work well with the beef taste. There were many large, unbroken chips in the bag.
Walkers Cheese and Branston Pickle Flavour Crisps
These are good, thin and crisp chips (or crisps, as they're known in England), with a mild and very nice pickle taste. They're much different than other pickle-flavored chips I've tried, and they're the first ones that also claims to include cheese. They were eaten by the patrons of the chip bowl, but without a whole lot of enthusiasm. It's a good taste, but if you're looking for a strong pickle kick, there are many stronger chips out there.
Walkers Crisps Cheese and Chive Flavour
These are pretty good chips. They have a mild cheese and chive flavor, and they're about average in saltiness.
Walkers Crisps Smoky Bacon Flavour

These are extremely good chips. They taste like just-cooked smoky bacon, as advertised. Really, some of the best chips we've ever had.

Walker's Footballs!
These are little corn-based puffed snacks shaped like little soccer (or football if you're from the non-U.S. area) balls. They have a great bacony taste and a good crunch. An excellent snack!
Walkers French Fries Crispy Potato Sticks Cheese & Onion Flavour
These fry-shaped snacks are indeed quite crispy and quite good. They're mildly cheesy and slightly oniony, with the onion flavor being more raw onion than toasted onion.
Walkers French Fries Crispy Potato Sticks Ready Salted
These are potato stick-type snack that look like French Fries, but have kind of a styrofoam-like consistency. Good potato flavor, these remind me of the Julienne Potato Sticks that you can get at Bread & Circus or Trader Joes in the states.
Walkers French Fries Crispy Potato Sticks Salt & Vinegar Flavour
These are shaped like thin shoestring French Fries, and they kind of have the consistency of hard styrofoam, but are actually really quite tasty. There's a good salt and vinegar taste to them, it's hard to put the bag down once you start munching on them.
Walkers Heinz Ketchup Flavour Crisps
These are good ketchup chips. They've got a medium-strength ketchup flavor on the standard thin Walkers chips. Unlike many American and Canadian varieties of ketchup chips, they don't have red-colored flavor powder all over them; instead, there are just a few (very few) specks of red that you might not even notice. So now I'm figuring that all the red on those other chips is actually just for show.1
Walkers Marmite Yeast Extract Flavour Crisps
These potato chips were thick, crunchy and very crisp, and the flavor was definitely an original one, as I had never heard of Marmite before. They tasted quite good, and most of the patrons of the chip bowl enjoyed the taste, even if they found it very hard to place the flavor. The great crispness of the chips really helped to make the flavor sharp. One of the tasters didn't like the taste at all, saying, "It tastes like someone's toes."
Walkers Max Chargrilled Steak Deep Ridge Potato Crisps
The name is no lie these are thick and crunchy potato chips with medium-wide ripples and a great steak taste. Not the strongest steak taste in the world, but quite good, and quite chargrilled. They're extremely crisp and crunchy, perhaps even moreso than the other Walkers Max flavors that we've tried. Good stuff!
Walkers Max Deep Ridge Potato Crisps Cheese and Onion
These are good chips. Quite thick and crunchy, good ridges, with a subtle toasted onion and cheese taste. Despite onion's second billing in the name, it has a stronger taste than the cheese. I was impressed by how many chips Walkers put into the bag. Even more impressive was the fact that the thick, strong chips were largely unbroken, having survived after a harrowing voyage in a chip box aboard two London Underground lines, a trans-Atlantic flight, baggage claim conveyor belt, Logan Airport shuttle bus, and then Boston's Blue Line, Green Line and Red Line.
Walkers Max Paprika Deep Ridge Potato Crisps
These are awesome chips, with the thick cut and wide ridges typical of a Walkers Max chip, and a delicious flavor. They're by far the best paprika chips I've tried. The flavor is somewhere between a barbecue chip and a ketchup chip, but it's really more than that. These just taste great!
Walkers Max Salt and Vinegar Deep Ridge Potato Chips
These are excellent vinegar chips. Lots of vinegar zing to them, very tasty and crunchy. The ridges are medium-wide, and the chips are fairly thick. And best of all, there were quite a few chips crammed into this small bag.
Walkers Pickled Onion Flavour Crisps
Tastes like a sweet pickle, without too much onion. Pretty good, if you like pickles. Some people thought they were awful.
Walkers Potato Heads Ready Salted Crisps
These potato chips had narrow ripples and a fairly thick cut, with a high level of crispness and a very nice crunch. For this type of ripple chip, you usually get much less crunch. The level of saltiness was fairly low, but the potato flavor was fresh and tasty. The art on the bag showed Mr. Potato Head ripping a hole to escape from a bag of potatoes.
Walkers Prawn Cocktail Flavour Crisps
These are pretty good chips. At first, they tasted like mild ketchup chips (with good crunch). The more of these you eat, the more the seafood taste kicks in and you sort of taste the prawn. Many people will be scared away by the prawn, but these are worth trying.
Walkers Ready Salted Crisps
These are really thin chips, but they kind of remind me of Lay's Classic chips. These were a bit greasier than Lay's.
Walkers Roast Chicken Flavour Crisps
These thin potato chips (or "crisps" as they're known in England) actually taste like roast chicken. They're good.
Walkers Roast Turkey with Paxo Sage & Onion Flavour Crisps
These are really good chips they're thin, very crisp and actually do taste like turkey with gravy and some nices spices (and that's nearly three months after the expiration date). They won high praise from the patrons of the chip bowl. Turkey-flavored chips are hard to find (including this one, we've only found two kinds so far) but they seem like a great idea to us, as both kinds we've tried we quite excellent.
Walkers Salt & Vinegar Flavour Crisps
These are good ordinary vinegar chips. They're a strong, though not overwhelming, vinegar taste on every chip. The leave a lots of grease, salt and other reside on your fingers, so make sure to have a napkin handy.
Walkers Sensations Four Cheese and Red Onion Flavour Crisps
These are good chips. Putting the flavor aside for a second, the chips themselves are slightly thicker and noticeably crisper than the regular Walkers chips. They're conventional rather than kettle-cooked chips, but they have a very nice crunch. The taste is good, but both the onion and the cheese tastes are subtle, rather than overpowering. Four cheeses seems like a lot to fit into a taste this subtle. I thought these Sensations were going to be the English equivalent of the premium Lay's Bistro Gourmet line sold in the United States, as they're in fancy packaging that feels thicker than the regular Walkers bags and has "Sensations" is in larger type than the Walkers logo, similar to how "Bistro Gourmet" is used to extend the Lay's brand. But the Bistro Gourmet flavors that I've tried tend to be much more heavily flavored than these.
Walkers Sensations Oven Roasted Chicken with Lemon & Thyme
These potato chips tasted like exactly what they were supposed to, as they were packed with a strong roasted and seasoned chicken flavor, a very nice taste. The taste was so strong that it overwhelmed the potato, and all you could really taste was the chicken, lemon and thyme. Some tasters were surprised by how authentic the chicken taste was. The chips were thin cut and very crisp, with a very nice crunch. One of the chips in the bag was absolutely enormous, and very few of the chips were broken, despite the fact that this bag traveled extensively around Europe on many trains, buses, boats and subways, then on a transcontinental flight and on three lines of Boston's MBTA, before being opened.
Walkers Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli
These potato chips were thick cut and very crisp, with a ton of very tasty spices on the chips. So they had a good crunch and a great taste. Kudos to Walkers for the ambitious flavors of the Sensations line, but please give these wider distribition on our side of the ocean. These were a very popular around the chip bowl.
Walkers Sensations Vintage Cheddar & Red Onion Chutney
These conventionally cooked potato chips were very crisp, with a solid feel to them. Like the other Walkers Sensations varieties that we've tried, they had a really nice flavor. Cheddar and onion are a common combination in potato chip flavors, and cheddar's my favorite kind of cheese, but for some reason I can rarely taste the cheddar in a cheddar and onion chip. These were no exception I liked the taste, which included a mix of many flavorings, and clearly there was more than just onion in the chutney, but the taste just didn't say "cheddar" to me. Not the best flavor of all of the Walkers Sensations (which set the flavor bar very high) but still a very good chip.
Walkers Square Potato Snacks Cheese & Onion Flavour
These are thin and crunchy square-shaped snacks made from processed potatoes. In terms of consistency, they're sort of like the crunchy things at Chinese restaurants, except that these have a powdery cheese and onion seasoning on them. They have a mild cheese and onion flavor, with more onion than cheese. Pretty good.
Walkers Square Potato Snacks Ready Salted
These are made from processed potatoes, molded in roughly square shapes about an inch on each side some of them flat, and some having bent or folded over during the frying process. They're fairly salty, thin and very crunchy. They have the texture and feel of a heavily fried food. Good!
Walkers Square Potato Snacks Salt & Vinegar Flavour
These are sort of like those fried crunchy things that they have at Chinese restaurants, with a medium-strength vinegar seasoning. Very thin and crunchy. If you want a super-strong vinegar flavor, this isn't the thing, but if you eat several of these in a row, you do get a decent vinegar kick
Walkers Worcester Sauce Flavour Crisps
These are pretty good chips if you like something very flavorful. They pack a pretty good punch, with a heavy dose of Worcestershire sauce on your standard thing Walkers chips
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